Dynamic Mooring System ShoreTension successful in mooring MODERN EXPRESS

Cargo ship MODERN EXPRESS, that came adrift in the Bay of Biscay, has been successfully towed by SMIT Salvage to the Spanish harbour of Bilbao.

As the ship was heeling heavily, all mooring lines had to have the same, constant tension, to keep the vessel safely alongside the berth. Therefore ShoreTension in Rotterdam was approached to assist in the safe mooring of the MODERN EXPRESS.

ShoreTension is a system for safer mooring and reduces movement of the vessel. The constant tension proved to be crucial for the safe and stable mooring and thereafter upright the ship. The ShoreTensions unhindered the salvage activities and significantly reduced any risks during the operation.

As there were not enough strong points or bollards on the quay, the team of ShoreTension provided special bollards that were installed on the quay in Bilbao. All equipment had been made in Rotterdam and transported overnight to Bilbao.

The ShoreTension cylinders require no external energy except for a hydraulic power pack, which only needs to be used once to get the ShoreTension at the correct setting.

In total six ShoreTensions held the MODERN EXPRESS in position, using Gleistein’s mooring lines made with Dyneema®. These specially designed mooring lines are known for their strength, lightweight and durability, and provide extraordinary performance even in the most extreme conditions.

Green Solution

By using the hydraulic cylinders of ShoreTension it is no longer necessary to use tension winches with diesel generators for keeping tension on the mooring lines.

Unique Co-operation

SMIT Salvage, which name is synonymous with total commitment to the challenging field of marine emergency response and wreck removal, complimented ShoreTension on the results accomplished and the excellent co-operation between the parties and stated that the use of the ShoreTension systems during the upright operation of the MODERN EXPRESS contributed to a safe and stable mooring. This resulted in a smooth operation in which SMIT Salvage was able to continue their salvage activities without delay