Port of Rotterdam Authoritystimulates use of ‘ShoreTension’

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is making available an amount of € 300,000 in total to stimulate terminal operators to use the ShoreTension. The ShoreTension is a system developed by the Royal Boatmen’s Association Eendracht (KRVE) to safely moor sea-going vessels in all weather conditions.

The Shore Tension is a hydraulic device which continuously exerts the same amount of constant pressure on the mooring lines of a ship. As a result, sea-going vessels with a large degree of wind exposure are moored with greater stability in hard wind and swell and mooring lines are prevented from breaking.
Ships move due to the differences in tensions between the various mooring lines. Depending on the size of the vessel, two to four of these units support the existing mooring system of the ship. The extra mooring lines run from the quay to the ship.
Stevedores in Rotterdam that will make use of the innovative ‘shock absorbers’ qualify for a maximum subsidy of ten percent on the purchase price of the ShoreTension systems. They can submit their applications between November 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014 through the website.

For additional information, please contact Shore Tension BV.

Safe and sustainable

The incentive fits in with the policy of the Port of Rotterdam Authority to further enhance safety and sustainability in the port of Rotterdam. “As sea-going vessels are growing larger and larger they are increasingly being exposed to wind. In addition, passing ships cause suction. Tight mooring lines are therefore important to ship, cargo and quay. Furthermore, the ShoreTension reduces the emissions of diesel generators aboard ships. The use of the hydraulic cylinders means a ship’s diesel generator-propelled winches are no longer necessary to exert pressure on mooring lines,” says harbour master René de Vries.